The establishment of a quality Management system as a requirement of ISO 9001:2008 Is a strategic decision by the management team at MAHMOUDI SHIPPING , reflecting its commitment to integrate process management to build and improve the company ‘s internal and external processes to meet the maximum requirements of customer’s satisfaction while complying with legal and regulatory requirements. Quality policy MAHMOUDI SHIPPING revolves around three key areas:

  •  Meeting the needs of customers and anticipating their needs;
  • Development and staff development;
  • Increase process productivity.

This quality policy enables us to develop and maintain a high level of benefits.

As professionals in the ship supply and services sector, we need to ensure our customers high quality services, consistent with their intentions. All our staff individually responsible for the quality of services.

So we want to develop and maintain an image of professionalism and integrity...

To this end, the quality objectives:

1) Consider customer satisfaction as essential.
2) Provide prompt and courteous information or services required by our customers.
3) Create and maintain for all employees of an atmosphere that promotes work
4) Measure the effectiveness of our processes and our ability to meet the expectations and requirements of our clients.

In this Direction, our commitment is totally dedicated to the continuous improvement of the QMS,

Which is a very strategic tool of sustainability in a very competitive environment in an industry that is suffering the consequences of the global crisis?