Quality is an expression of our goal to offer reliable products and services .In all aspects of our operations, from product selection and negotiation, to delivery and customer support, our focus in on our customers.
With a customer focus based on everyone‘s commitment and participation, combined with a process culture, our aim is to be number one in customer satisfaction.

This is based on a work environment where all employees are responsive and aware of what must be accomplished to be the best business partner.

Safety has been a central focus throughout the history of MAHMOUDI SHIPPING and we are perceived as the industry leader.
Constantly improving safety is an integral part of our product development work .Safety is also central to the mindset of employees, and the knowledge gained from our safety-related trainings.
Our goal is to reduce the risk of accidents and mitigate the consequences of any incidents that may occur, as well as to improve safety and the work environment for our operators.

Environmental care
The aim is to achieve the least possible adverse impact on the environment for our products &operations. We are working to improve energy efficiency and to reduce emissions in all aspects of our business.

MAHMOUDI SHIPPING permanently hold a comprehensive range of frozen ,canned and dry provisions to meet any of your expectations .Frozen provisions are delivered straights from our state-of-the-art refrigeration and freeze facilities to your ship without braking the cold supply chain.
Fresh produce, fruits and vegetables are picked and delivered daily from local market. We also provide national and international produce to satisfy every crew’s appetit, special request for different nations are always welcome.